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How to reach and connect in the online world?

Find the solutions from Compass Edge!

Which e-Commerce Way to go?

Let us be your Compass to show you the competitive Edge!
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One size does not fit all but there is always one product that will most fit your needs!

At Compass Edge, we believe there is NO Best System in the world. Nonetheless, there is always one system that will work best for you based on your current objectives and needs. And, we are here to find this right one for you!

The diamond model is developed and deployed by Compass Edge. Through years of experiences, we learn that some hotels pick one great system but has no resources or nobody with the proper skill set to operate it. Some rush to do SEO and SEM without a proper website in the first place. Some go with the low cost option for basic connectivity but in fact they need more sales and marketing support due to severe competition. And some got a system with all bells and whistles but they only change rates and open & close inventory on a weekly basis. So, what works for your competitor may not work for you. We are your Compass to indicate the competitive Edge for you!

Diamond Model Developed & Deployed by Compass Edge

How The Diamond Model Works

Your electronic distribution strategy should be driven by you. At Compass Edge, we guide our hotel clients to fine tune their core objectives and needs first. Then, based on their current capabilities such as financial resources i.e. how much budget can be allocated, human resources i.e. if there is available labor with proper skill set PLUS their preferences based upon management influence i.e. if management has either good or bad prior experiences in any other products and technical specifications i.e. if broadband internet access is steady and available, etc., we drive only the best and customized solution to our hotel clients to SHINE!


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