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How to reach and connect in the online world?

Find the solutions from Compass Edge!

Which e-Commerce Way to go?

Let us be your Compass to show you the competitive Edge!
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The most complete electronic distribution strategy for the hospitality industry!

Even a small independent hotel in any cities needs to be exposed in all electronic distribution channels.  This is because if you are not at least connected, the travelers or travel agents will not be able to find you and you will be losing market share to your competitors who did get connected.

Especially nowadays, more and more reservations are generated via online channels and the trend will definitely continues.  And the matrix is going to be more complicated than ever.  There are so many different ways to get connected and our goal is to make sure our hotel clients are properly represented in all these online channels.

After basic connectivity, driving business and demand to our hotel clients is the primary objective at Compass Edge.  With all the internet marketing services and online tools we can recommend and provide, our hotel clients can take the driver’s seat to gain incremental reservation revenue from these online channels.

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